How to get work in Canada from Nigeria

Getting your permanent visa to relocate to Canada becomes more accessible with a job offer. Check out the list jobs offers

How to get work in Canada from Nigeria

How to get work in Canada from Nigeria

Can you get a job in Canada from Nigeria?

Every year, Canada offers migrants opportunities to live and work there. Many Nigerians have relocated to Canada for studies or work because of its political stability, balanced work-life, free healthcare, job opportunities, and quality of life.

The Canadian government seeks to fill its labour market with skilled workers in different work sectors, creating an accessible doorway of job opportunities for migrants. As a result, you can get a valid job offer while still in Nigeria. So, how do you get these Canadian jobs?

How Can You Get Work in Canada?

With millions of migrants applying for jobs, the competition to work in Canada has become fierce. However, since only some have the necessary work experience, it boils down to knowing what to do.

Getting your permanent visa to relocate to Canada becomes more accessible with a job offer. When a Canadian Company picks interest in you, it sends an application on your behalf from the Employment and Social Development Service Canada.

Applicants who get a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) receive a copy and a written job offer from their employees. Therefore, you can get your visa to Canada easier than most applicants.

Steps to Get a Canadian Job

Do You Need a Canadian Work Permit?
Only some jobs in Canada require a work permit. You should check if your job requires a work permit before applying.

If you cannot find your job on the work permit list, you can apply for a work permit in Canada through the International Mobility Program (IMP)or the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

However, if you apply for a work permit under TFWP, you can only get a license from employers with the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). On the other hand, applying under IMP only needs a LIMIA before an employer can hire you. Some open work permits under LIMIA include the Post-Graduate Work Permit and the Working Holiday Visa.

Update your CV

Before sending it out, you must update your CV to fit the Canadian job you want to apply for. Ensure that your current job, references, and correct contact are included and not missing from your CV. You can request recommendations from employers and clients to boost your job hunt, especially if you are using your LinkedIn profile.

Select the Companies You Want to Apply for
The temptation of applying for numerous jobs without changing your cover letter can spam your CV on many job portal websites. You want to avoid having such an experience.

You should only apply for some Canadian jobs online to avoid copy-pasted issues with sister companies. Also, some Canadian companies use recruiters and can easily find similar cover letters on different job portals.

outstanding Canadian Job Listing Websites

· Canada Job Bank: The website offers migrants all-around jobs, making it a popular job site for those applying to work in Canada.

· eJobbo: The job site will match your qualifications and skills with job ads in Canada

· Indeed: Indeed is a famous Canadian job-hunting site offering different job opportunities.

· Career Builder: You receive this site's latest Canadian job postings.

· Wow Jobs: The job site can advertise thousands of Canadian jobs at any time

· Eluta:  Job applicants can find the top 100 employers in Canada with Eluta.

· Monster: Monster provides you with career assistance to help you find the right job

· Hired: You can find part-time and full-time job opportunities here.

· Workopolis: With Workpolis, you can find jobs in small and corporate businesses.

Follow Up on Your Applications

It would help if you learned to follow up on your job applications. You should email them if you are still waiting to hear from the companies. You show that you are proactive and interested in these jobs.

On the other hand, email the companies to confirm your availability if you receive interview opportunities, and don't forget to say a "thank you ." A little bit of politeness may pave the way for you.

Get to Work on Networking

You should find networking opportunities at career fairs and job events in Nigeria. Most of these networking opportunities regularly come up in different countries. These events can help you meet people with similar dreams of working in Canada or those who can help you.

Have you thought of volunteer work in Canada? You can get some valuable Canadian work experience with such an opportunity. In addition, some job assisting services can help you when you come to Canada.

Are Qualifications Accredited?

You should check if your job requires accreditation. Some professional jobs require that you get accredited before you work in Canada. Also, you must prove that your educational qualifications are equal to Canadian standards, especially for post-secondary-education jobs. How can you check this? You can use Pay4Me to make your World Education Assessment (WES) payment.

WES does your educational evaluation, essential if you must work in Canada.

Do all jobs in Canada require an ECA?
You don't need ECA in many jobs in Canada; however, you need accreditation from relevant bodies if you are applying as a;

· Medical professional;

· Teacher

· Social worker; and

· Physiotherapist

What is the maximum number of hours you may work in Canada?
The standard work hours for two or more weeks can be, at most, 40 hours weekly, and the maximum hours for the same period can be an average of 48 hours weekly.

The maximum number of hours you can work daily is eight, or the number of hours in an established regular workday. However, if you want to exceed these hours, you can have an agreement with your employer.

Do you need help finding a job in Canada?
There is a high need for experts and qualified workers among many Canadian companies.

What is the processing time for a Canadian Work Permit?
The processing time depends on whether a medical check is necessary and the workload at the specific visa office; most work permit applications are reviewed and issued within a few days or weeks.

Check if you are eligible.